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Hagia Sophia is one of the most important buildings ever built by the Eastern Roman Empire it is the symbol of Harmony peace and tolerance in Islam and the midpoint of the world’s religions it represent the Multicultural history in between Islamic arts and Christianity it was a Church then became a Mosque and since 1935 it is a Museum .


The Topkapi Palace has a long and interesting history . The architecture is beautiful and the grounds are quite large .The famous Palace where the ottoman Sultans lived. There are several sections and all of them are very interesting there are outer court yards inner courts , Library , privy room Apartments of the Valide Sultan ( Sultan’s mother) Imperial treasury , audience Hall , Baghdat kiosk , bath house and Harem Apartments You will walk through hundereds of years of history when you walk these places. don’t miss out


Basilica cistern one of the oldest Water Systems in the city with Medusa heads used as a basis for pillars That makes the place more famous it is a big underground water Reservoir built by Eastern Romans . it gives you a possibility to get close to history. you just need to use a little imagination to understand how genius and impressive the system actually was and still is . the place is a must to visit while you are in Istanbul don’t miss it!


Anyone who comes to Istanbul must see Blue Mosque it is the central Mosque of the sultan Ahmet Square when you come inside you can not believe your own eyes it is so beautiful with the blue tiles visiting this attraction will be a new experience for our guests taking pictures is allowed inside got the name from the blue tiles inside . appropriate dress code is required . Women required to wear clothes that covers knees , shoulders , hair and below . Sultan Ahmed mosque also known as Blue Mosque was built by the sultan Ahmed the first which is opposite to Hagia Sophia


A walk along the former Hippodrome alleys is just a wonderful Pastime in Istanbul. The attractions on the way are the German Fountain , Obelisk of Theodosisus , walled obelisk plus a few other historic landmarks making this place a Charming Open Air Museum. Located Between Turkish islamic art museum and Blue mosque.


Şerifiye Cistern system was built by the order of emperor theodosius in between 428 – 443 AD. one of the historical water systems in Old City of Istanbul . it was built for the purpose of storing water for the Old town From the Bozdoğan Arch.


Nuru Osmaniye mosque a very beautiful and Charming mosque located right outside of the Grand Bazaar the Nuru Osmaniye Mosque (meaning the light of Osman ) was commissioned by Sultan Mahmut the first beginning in 1748 and completed by his brother and successor sultan Osman the third in 1755 . it will be an interesting attraction to visit don’t miss out.


Çemberli Taş or known as the column of Constantine was built by the order of Constantine the Great in 330 AD. it is an ancient historical monuments which is located near by the Grand Bazaar it will be on our way to Nuru Osmaniye mosque


A unique place where the all shops are mingled here you will find everything clothes souvenirs herbs spices candy Turkish delight leather , Bags , lamps carpets rugs and kilims etc. a must see / experience of Istanbul visit .Bazaar structure is over 500 years old with almost 4,000 shops and Many Streets. it is the oldest biggest and covered Bazaar in the world you will love the place for sure !


Süleymaniye mosque is one of the grandest and most beautiful mosques – the largest Imperial most complex in the old city . Built on the top of the Third Hill of historical peninsula of Istanbul . Crowns this Hill and dominates the Golden Horn .Süleymaniye mosque commissioned by Süleyman the Magnificent and built by the Imperial Architect Mimar Sinan between 1550 -1557 . it is simply stunning. The Mosque is one of the places that you have to visit in Istanbul.


It is an experience to walk through the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul rows and rows of spice shops and shops that sells Turkish delight jewelry and other souvenirs smaller than Grand Bazaar . Not just spices but a huge range of other items are on display in this well
appointed and recently refurbished area a must place to visit in Istanbul for shopping lovers. Located in Eminönü district.


Connecting two continents Bosphorus is truly beautiful Cruise Ride of Bosphorus is one of the highlights of visiting Istanbul and it definitely is one of the best experiences of the city . the best way to see the Bosphorus Strait is riding a boat tour. the cruise will sail under the amazing Bosphorus bridge in between Asia and European side of Turkey . while in Istanbul a cruise trip on bosphorus is a must . We also have a VIP ride with food and drinks option or is simple 90 minutes Tour on a local boat. Sunset İn between two continent will make you feel so special.


Dolmabahce Palace is situated in the Beşiktaş District on the European side of the city. it was built in the 19th century and was the administrative Center and the last of the Sultan’s resident here . the display of Rococo Baroque and neo-classical styles are well displayed . there are spectacular chandeliers in the rooms now electrified but it must have been a huge job when the palace was lit with candles . İnside you will see , beautiful rugs kilims and carpets and furnitures . It is Well organized to walk through the main rooms. no photography is allowed in the Palace. Also we visit the Harem section which set apart from the main palace. The Harem will give an insight into how the Sultan’s wifes lived.
The Father Of Turks and Founder of Turkey , Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who was the Great leader and first president of Turkey , spent his life’s last moments in that palace. The palace is on the list of MUST VİSİT …


Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum is on the west side of Sultan Ahmed Square it is in the refurbished Palace built in 1524 Of Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha who was the second grand vizier to Suleiman the Magnificent and married to the sultan sister hatice Sultan . the palace is u-shaped with rooms set around a central Courtyard Garden it’s mostly survived the fire that destroyed many of cities other ottoman residence . sections of the Hippodrome walls appear near the museum entrance . The Collection contains artifact from the 7th to the 20th Centuries with superb examples of Islamic calligraphy, rugs and carpet tiles and potteries , old books , Ceramics and Metal Works that are etnographic displays on various cultures in Turkey. particularly Nomad groups . A large mural shows chronology of various Styles and cultures will help you better understand how different styles influenced each other across the ages .
don’t miss it


This historical place has several myths of its existence one of them is about a girl who died from a dream her dad had. you can learn from your guide about it there is a restaurant with excellent food quality and prices at night there is a band that play romantic songs at the top of the tower there is a small cafeteria you can have drinks and enjoy the wonderful view of two continents. marmara sea and bosphorus and Golden Horn together there is also a small gift shop . if you love to have romantic experiences in Istanbul we suggest you do not leave the city without seeing this peaceful place.


Üsküdar is one of the historical districts of
İstanbul which is located in the Asian side of the city several mosques some of them are erected by the famous Architect Sinan. the easiest way to get here is by ferry from any of the ferry ports of the European sides visiting the Üsküdar means to see two continents from the eyes of your well prepared guide nothing better than a nice walk along the calm water of this legendary Straits of bosporus . it is a jump from Europe to Asia


This is the best sightseeing place in Istanbul the world collides here . the view is amazing you can see both the Asian and European parts of Istanbul in one scene . this is truly the best view points you can access in the city here on the top of the hill you will find restaurants in the very Green Park and several cafeteria if you want to make your İstanbul stay Unforgettable this is a must as it is the highest point of our city.


Kadıköy is an interesting area located on the Asian side of Istanbul full of shops restaurants fish markets groceries and cafeterias it is picturesque. And easily accessible by ferry from Eminönü , Karaköy and Beşiktaş ferry ports. East Meets West here and you will find yourself in the real life of Turkish world the place has its own atmosphere certainly worthy to visit if you are interested with the Turkish local lives.


Anadolu Kavağı is located at the end of the bosporus strait where it touches to the black Sea. you will be able to see the third Bridge of The Strait . A super cute Village so much different than European side . full of fish restaurants, cafeterias , suvenior and gift shops. imagin a village between green and blue color under the wonderful sky.


YOROS Castle is located on a Hilltop outskirts of Anatolian District of Anadolu Kavağı area in Istanbul next to bosphorus in Asian side. you will find your self in an amazing view through Bosphorus to Black sea . there is still much to see at Yoros Castle although it is not in good condition anymore but to see bosporus and Black sea from different angles are really interesting.


Museum is located in the Edirne Kapı neighborhoods original name of the church is Church of the Holy Savior in Chora history of the church starts from the 4th Century the mosaics are truly stunning and tell many stories from Bible if you are interested on the history and culture then this little Byzantium Gem is a must to see . while every other church will tell you the story of Lord Jesus this is the only one in the world which has the richest mosaics inscriptions narrating the story of Mother Mary . definitely a must to visit.


The hill is named after the French naval officer and a writer Pierre loti 1850 1923 who visited Istanbul in the late 19th century and wrote a semi autobiographical novel about his experiences he was much favored by the ottoman courts the hill has a wonderful view of Goldenhorn it is full of restaurants. A famous mosque and a cemetery are located nearby it has one of the best views of Istanbul to get a spectacular panoramic view of the Golden Horn area of Istanbul while having some snacks Turkish coffee or tea you will be hearing the story of the Golden horn . this place would be a good choice for instagrammers.


A lovely authentic area located in the European side of the city just under the legs of the Bosphorus Bridge this is one of the best place for instagrammers as you can get some beautiful and nice shots of Bosphorus Bridge or a mosque and marmara sea the area is famous also for Kumpir a tasty local food.


history of carpet viewing counts over 3,000 years . Bronze blades for carpet knives that were found in the territory of Turkmenistan during the excavation of the sumbar burial ground dates back to the 14th century BC . earliest surviving pile carpet in the world was made in the 4th- 3rd centuries BC. it is richly colored and decorated with Varied motifs in the center there is an ornament of 24 cruciform figures the 1st and 5th border consist of rows of Griffin’s the second one depicts spotted does walking back to back .
The 3rd border is formed by beamed rosettes . on the widest border figures of mounted and dismounted Horseman follow each other. The clear rhythm of the composition is shaped by the figures of Horsemen and does moving in opposite direction the carpet is woven with double symmetrical Turkish knots. there are 3600 Knots per square decimeter the total number of the knots on the carpet reaching 1250000 knots. the Piles height is not more than 2mm. The elaborate work and the artistic quality of this carpet suggests high level of craftsmanship of the viewers who produced it. on our Kilim and carpets shopping experience we give you the guarantee of best price and the best quality rugs and carpets and kilims dealing . we are able to ship them door-to-door all over the world.


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