Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet

Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet

The Sultan Ahmed district is a famous archaeological and tourist area that’s plenty of different monuments and landmarks. This magical place lies in the European side of the legendary Istanbul city. Sultan Ahmed area is characterized by restaurants, gardens, museums, mosques and churches and many more. Talking about mosques and churches, you must have known “Hagia Sophia” and “Blue Mosque” before! Well they are all here, and that explain why the area have daily visitors with millions. In short, the place here is a kind a heaven for local and foreign tourists. That so everyone hope to spend as much time as they can around here.

Well lucky you! Because today we’re offering you a hotel where you can guarantee to stick around as much as you need. Not just that, but this hotel luxury will even allow you to experience the Ottoman Sultans Royalty life style. So take a sit and let us tell you more about the “Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet”.

About Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet is one of the 5 stars hotels chain of the famous company Four-Seasons. The place opens its doors in 1996 after some restorations that transform it from 100years old building to.the hotels master in the area. As the Four-Seasons company is a famous Entrepreneur in the hospitality services,.they providing in this hotel the best and highest quality services that you can imagine.

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet from inside

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet consists of several rooms and suites designed on the Ottoman royal style. There are the premier, the deluxe and the superior rooms, each one have different features depends on your needs. About the suites, they have Shahzade suite, Marmara suite and Executive suite; all of them are exceptionally awesome. However, it doesn’t matter the kind of room or suite you chose,.because they can all offer you the luxury and the comfort that you need. The furniture is high quality and designed on the Ottoman Sultans furniture style. All the rooms and suites contain Plasma’s TV, strong wifi-service, Built-in bathtub with shower, DVD/CD player and much more. It’s worthy to note too that the hotel is featured by its beautiful decorations and designs.from the Ottoman era on the New-classic style.

The garden:

The hotel contains an amazing garden where you can chill out yourself anytime you want. The beautiful flowers and roses are everywhere, the trees and so on. Beside the garden there is a covered patio with glass roof that allows the visitors to enjoy the green views. That so the garden can contains around 55 persons in winter and 95 persons in summer.

Health and care facilities:

The hotel affords some high quality health/care facilities for its visitors like Fitness, Massage, pool, Spa and Sauna. Everything is under your service for free.

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet services

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet put under your hands a 24/24h services. Which means the reception support is available all the time, and the restaurant is ready to respond your hunger anytime. Other unique service is that the hotel offer the babies care services! So if you’re a couple with some little angels and you feel you need some privacy, no worries anymore. Finally the hotel is designed and well prepared for the visitors with special needs offering them the maximum comfort.

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet location

We believe that the strongest feature in this hotel is its location. Firstly the Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet has two unbelievable views. One on Marmara Sea and the other one on “Hagia-Sofia” and “Blue-Mosque”. Secondly the hotel resides in the heart of Sultan-Ahmed area, which means that all the amazing places are around you. Hagia-Sofia, Blue-Mosque, Hippodrome, Arasta-Pazar and lot of others amazing places and famous restaurants are just few minutes away from you. Even Taksim-Square and Grand-Bazaar, they need from you just one tramway ride and you’ll be there.


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