Hagia sophia Museum was built in the same location of a an old pagan temple as the third christian cathedral. The first church was built in 360 by the Constantinus II. It was a wooden church and in a big fire in 404 was burned down. The Eastern Roman people called to that church MEGALA EKLESIA ( The Great Church ). Just after the first church was burned down, Theodosius I. ordered to build the second church. The second church was constracted Complitely in 415. Since then till 532 It served as the biggest Cathedral in the city of Constantinople.


Nika Revolution took an important historical part for the Hagia sophia museum. In Constantinople’s Hippodrome a revolution started at during the reign of Justinianus I. The revolution is called NIKA ( victory ). Well the history teach us that the Nika revolution was horrible. Thirty-five or fourty thousands of audiences ( local people ) were killed by the Roman soldiers in the Hippodrome in 532. So the angry people distroyed the Second Church.The second church was called HAGİA SOPHİA. Couple of days later of Revolution the Justinianus I. Ordered to build the third church in the same place of the former one. They called many masons and also the masters from every corner of the Roman empire to built the new church and ofcourse they brought many materials from the different countries and continents.


The construction started at 532 AD. and completed in 537 AD. it was the biggest Cathedral in the known world even bigger than the Solomons temple in Jerusalem. Please keep this in mind, Anthemios and Isidoros are the two great architects of the Hagia Sophia. They built this spectacular building just in five years with the help of eleven thousands of labors. Hagia Sophia is the oldest cathedral in the world , meaning of its name is Holy wisdom of Jesus ( Hagia Sophia ).
After the construction completed, it was used as a christian church for 916 years,till the 1453.


Ottoman empire took over the city and immediately turned the church into an islamic mosque. Fatih Sultan Mehmet II. ordered to cover the former Mosaics with plaster instead of destroying them. So he preserved the beautiful mosaics which we can see today. The building became a cental mosque for almost 481 years till the 1934. The Building was turned into a museum in 1934. So the Turkish government decided to Uncover some parts of the mosaics. Today when we enter to the building, we see a lot of mosaics made by real gold, silver, glass and precious stones. Mostly the mosaics are made after 9. Century.
The mosaics combined with islamic relics makes you feel in peace. One can realise that both islam and christianity can live together in in one place with peace and tolerance.


The Hagia sophia hours are depends on the seasons of winter and summer.
Ever day over twenty thousands of tourists visit to the Hagia sophia , it is one of the most popular and visited museum located in the heart of the Sultanahmet square. So thats why people from all around the world crush each other to purchase the tickets. Specially in some sepecific times there is a long and inavitiable queue. Please note that in between 10:30 am and 14:00 pm is the most crowded time … after 14 pm is usually there is less queue .

Hagia Sophia hours in Summer season ;

* From 1 April to 31 October
* Opening Hours : 09:00 am
* Close Time : 19:00 pm

Hagia Sophia hours in winter season ;

* From 31 October to 1 April
* Opening Hour : 09:00
* Closing time : 18:00


* Ticket : 100 turkish liras
* Archeological muesum & Hagia sophia Combined Ticket : 125 liras .
* Museum pass istanbul : 325 liras
* Free under 12 yo kids


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