hagia sophia mosque

Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia Mosque

The 10 July 2020 is a historical date that neither Muslims nor orthodox Christians will forget. Because in this date the Hagia sophia reverted to be a Mosque.again after more than 8 decades from being neutral as a museum. So what is the story behind that? And why Turks decided suddenly to change the Hagia Sophia museum back to mosque? You’ll find out the answers for all of that and more in our today’s exclusive article.

  • Brief history about Hagia Sofia identity:

Hagia Sofia was erected in 537 by order from the Byzantine Emperor Justinianus I as the biggest Orthodox Cathedral. After more than 900 years and exactly in 1453 the Orthodox Cathedral became a Mosque after the Ottomans opened Istanbul. Centuries later the Ottomans Era ended and Hagia Sofia carrier as a Mosque ended too. In 1934 after the establishment of the modern Turkish Republic, the monument changed from mosque to museum till our days.according to the decision of the then head of state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Today under the date of 10 July 2020, Hagia sophia is not a museum anymore. It became Hagia Sofia mosque again.

  • Hagia Sofia Mosque: the Turkish dream

Was reverting Hagia Sofia to a mosque that much important for Turks? Well a recent polling by a pro-government.newspaper found that 73% of Turks were in favor of converting the museum back into a house of worship. And the majority of the rest weren’t caring so much about the identity of monument. Just a very few Turks who were against… So is that weird? We don’t think so, especially if we knew that the overwhelming majority of Turks are Muslims. That so, YES the reverting of hagia sophia to a mosque is kind of a Turkish dream. It means a lot for the Turkish people identity. Actually the voices calling for the return.of Hagia Sophia to a mosque have been around since the place was turned into a museum. So it’s not a yesterday issue, and after the arrival of the Islamic AK Party to the seat of government. The lobbies of turning Hagia Sophia to mosque became even stronger, even the Turkey president itself was calling for it!

  • Is HAGİA SOPHİA mosque now?

Is HAGİA SOPHİA mosque now? The answer is YES. Recep Tayeb Erdoğan the Turkey republic president turned the Hagia sophia into a mosque officially. Weeks ago the matter was submitted to the State Council, which is the highest administrative court in Turkey. Today Friday 10 July 2020 the State Council said that he concluded that “the title deed of the place.was designated as a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fatih,.and therefore its use in other than this nature is not legally permitted“. The State Council added “The government decision issued in 1934.that stopped its use as a mosque and designated it as a museum was not in compliance with the laws“.referring to a decree signed by Ataturk. One hour after the State Council decision, the president Recep Tayeb Erdoğan signed immediately the order of reverting.Hagia Sophia back to be a mosque again. So it’s expected now that the 1st prayer inside it will be in the fifteen of July 2020.

  • Hagia sophia Turned into a mosque in turkey: International Criticism

The decision of turning Hagia Sophia to a mosque confronted against lot of Criticism. The landmark is already on the World Heritage List. That so the Unesco has said any changes to the building’s status must be reviewed by its world heritage committee,.the thing that didn’t happen! And the reason for that as Government officials said is that Hagia Sophia is a national matter. Moreover lot of Russian officials warned Turkey for the consequence if their decision,.especially that Hagia Sophia means a lot for Russian orthodox people. And the Russia’s Orthodox Church said turning it into a mosque was “unacceptable”.

So how do you find Turkey government decision about Hagia Sophia Museum? Tell us your opinion in the comment box.


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