Helicopter Istanbul Tour

To have a tour in the huge Istanbul city, you have lot of transportation options to choose from. For example you can explore the Istanbul’s neighborhoods with a rent car, mini-bus, buses and sometimes even with tramway! To discover Bosporus and the small islands around Istanbul, you can use the public steams or rent a private boat. To reach some other places you may have other options like trains and subways; they’re much faster! But haven’t you ever wondered if there is another way? Haven’t you wondered if there is one way through you can explore all of Istanbul at one? Well! If you didn’t it okay, because we did and we found already the perfect way for a prefect Istanbul tour. Welcome in the Helicopter Istanbul tour, the best Istanbul tour of all the time!

About the Helicopter Istanbul tour:

The Helicopter Istanbul tour is one of the beautiful and unique experiences that you can ever try here in Istanbul. That’s because it’s the only way to see Istanbul with its both part and all its important landmarks from the sky. The Helicopter tour is a very luxury and fun, without mentioning that the Helicopter itself is developed according.to the latest model! That guarantees for you a safe and very comfort Istanbul tour experience in the air. The helicopter is equipped with the highest safety requirements in accordance with Turkish.and international regulations, requirements and laws. Also it is led by a crew of specialists with long experience in the field of air navigation.

The ride classes in the Helicopter tour:

The Helicopter contains 7 seating, 6 in the back and the 7th is next to the pilot. With that it, the ride classes varied depends on which seat you reserve. The 1st category is the class A;.this one is the most expensive because it reserve you the seat next to the pilot. The 2nd category is the class B;.its price is medium and it reserve you the back seating next to the windows. The 3rd category is the class C; it’s the cheapest one that reserve you the middle seating in the back.

The destinations of Helicopter Istanbul tour:

The Helicopter Istanbul tour starts generally from the “Meslek” area, and then from there it covers lot of Istanbul spots. We mention from those spots the following ones;


It is the strait that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara,.which separates the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia. Istanbul is located on its sides, as it is considered one of the most important water crossings in the world, and there are many historical and tourist attractions around it. The view of this legendary crossing from the sky is nothing less than charming.

Bosporus Bridge (15 Temmuz bridge)

It is the first suspension bridge in Istanbul that connects the European and Asian halves of the city. Also it considers one of the most important landmarks of the area that so the Helicopter flies above it.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

It is the second bridge that extends over the Bosporus Strait and connects Istanbul with its Asian and European sides. It is similar to the Bosporus Bridge.

Maiden’s Tower

It is a small tower located on an island in the Bosporus Strait, in Üsküdar district.

The Castles on the sides of Bosporus

There are many of castles and palaces all long the Bosporus crossing. The most famous ones are the Dolmabahçe palace and the Anadolu Hisarı Castle etc. You may be already visited those places but believe us, seeing them from the sky is totally different.

Well the Helicopter tour covers so many other places, like the famous Fatih area with all its amazing landmarks! The magical Golden Horn as well and much more. So don’t hesitate to contact us through our web site www.findistanbulguide.com for a life deal.

The Helicopter tour features

The Helicopter Istanbul tour features are uncountable. The splendor experience itself is indescribable, the views, the city panorama etc. are all like a dream. Also the avoiding of the city’s traffic is a feature itself! Just you and your family up there in the sky enjoying the peaceful tour between the clouds is another feature. It’s a totally amazing experience plenty with joy that you’ll never regret!

The Helicopter Istanbul tour programs

There are 4 Helicopter Istanbul tour programs depends on the duration of the flight. There are the 15min plan, the 30min, the 45min and the 60 min plan during all the week. Of course the prices are relative to the duration; the more you ride the more it become expensive. However as we are the www.findistanbulguide.com team we can offer you the best prices.with our exclusive professional tour guide that will pick.you up from the hotel to the Helicopter and bringing you back again as well.


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