What do you know about the New Istanbul Airport? Did you know that it’s the biggest one in the world? Do you know that it will be the most advanced Airport ever existed in the world? Well, you will learn about that and more if you read this article till the end.

  • About New Istanbul Airport

Istanbul New Airport is a part from the huge amazing Turkish Vision for 2023. The airport project started in 2013 with an estimated investment value of 10Billions euro. The project completion process is divided into several stages; the 1st one is already done in 2018! Where over than 68% of the project infrastructure was finalized, that so the airport opened for use in solemn celebrations. The rest of stages are planned to be finished before 2023! And when they do, the Airport will be able to deal with over than 200Millions visitors annually,.as the biggest Airport in the world.

  • The location of New Istanbul Airport

Istanbul was containing two International Airports before the New Istanbul Airport, Ataturk Airport and Sabiha-Gökçen Airport. Even that both of them are international, The Ataturk Airport was the main one that the city depends on. But recently this latter became unable to deal with the riser numbers of Turkey Visitors. In addition, it was located in a crowded spot in the city, which provokes even more problems. So the Turkish government decided to build this new huge one as replacement to the Ataturk Airport. Today the New Istanbul Airport is located northwest of the city on the shore of the Black Arnavutköy district, which is 30km far away from the crowded city center.

  • The Features of New Istanbul Airport

Having the biggest and newest Airport in the world put lot of pressures on you to provide the best services. That so the Turkish government has used lot of resources to achieve that goal by dealing with the biggest companies. Companies like iGA that was founded in 2013 to build and manage this new airport for 25 years. In addition to other big names of course like Kalyon company, Limak, MAPA, Cengiz and many more other foreign companies. All of them are working hard to provide the next features:

  • The biggest in the world:

So what is mean that the Airport is the biggest in the world? and how this can be a feature? Well, the more the airport is big the more it contains much aircraft runways. The New Istanbul Airport space is around 150Millions m2!! So after its total finalization, it will contain 6 independent aircraft-runways, 16 parallel aircraft-runways and.6Millions and half m2 aircraft terminal with a capacity of 500 aircraft. This means that there will no more late or canceled travels because of the traffic anymore. However it will be more and more available flights from and to all world destinations.

Also it worth to know that just the area of the main building of the airport is over than 2Millions.m2, which is the largest in the world. Also with the presence of 165 bridges for the disembarkation of passengers from aircrafts,.beside the huge auto-park that can afford 7 thousands cars,.the place will be able to deal with.200Millions traveler per year easily.

  • The smartest in the world:

The New Istanbul Airport is containing the latest technology in everything. That so the Airport project systems, including electrical and airport building design,.received the “Future Infrastructure Project Award” in 2016! So from buying a ticket from your home until taking a taxi to the airport,.and from your 1st step into the airport land until your 1st step into the plane itself; everything is.connected with one smart huge system to the Airport, ready to provide you with all comfort tools possible!

  • The safest in the world:

The New Istanbul Airport will include the latest security and protection systems, as well as ground radars for the 1st-time. That so with over than 9000 cameras, you almost can’t find a point or angle empty from surveillance. Also there are two different centers were assigned to the presence of the security forces,.to ensure their easy transportation to the scene, if necessary.

  • The International awards

Even before its opening, the New Istanbul Airport garnered numerous international awards. In 2016, it won lot of awards like the “International Architecture Award”,.the “Environment Management System Document”,.and many more during the next years for quality, efficiency and excellence.

  • The New Istanbul Airport

The New Istanbul Airport offers a wide range of services as it contains a large complex of games centers for children. There are also VIP lounges, various Cafes and restaurants, hospitals, an emergency center, a prayer mosque, conference centers etc. In addition to all of that, the new Airport also houses a large hotel that is luxury and quality,.as it contains 451 hotel rooms, and provides a range of high-level services for visitors.


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