Istanbul Transportation

Istanbul Transportation

Istanbul is considered one of the most important cities not just in Turkey but in the whole world. The city is an active commercial and tourist center, and with oven than 15Millions residences beside the tourists. The transportation for that enormous citizens and foreigners inside the city became a vital issue! That so the Turkish government years ago gave a serious attention to develop that sector. And today; the size, diversity and power of the transportation sector in Istanbul is setting an example everywhere. So in the few next lines we will expose you all what you need to know about Istanbul transportation. That so, when you decide to visit this magical city, you’ll be able to take care with yourself out-there.

About Istanbul Transportation:

Istanbul Transportation is very huge and varied. You have lot of options to choose from. Options like Taxies, Buses, Mini-Buses, Metro-Buses, Subways, Tramways, Trains and even steamers… can you believe it! All of those different transportations are existed in one city to serve all of its citizens and visitors.

Types of Istanbul Transportation:

  • Taxi

As anywhere in the world, the taxies are the most popular transportations because they’re the fastest and most comfortable. Well the same thing here in Istanbul, they’re available 24/24 during all the week. You can find them anywhere, and they have lot of assembly points spreading throw the whole of city. For example you can find them beside the malls, airports, terminals and in many city centers. Also you can simply use one of the phone apps to order your taxi like iTaxi, BiTaxi or even Uber. However, it’s worthy to note that the fees of Taxies are so high compared to other transportations. The payment can be with cash or with credit card as well.

  • Dolmuş

The “Dolmuş” is a Turkish word means full, that so they are like a big taxies or something. They are generally colored by yellow too, and as their names indicate, they don’t move except if they are full. Their fees are very low compared to normal Taxies. They have an already determined line, they are so useful to cross short distance. The payment is generally with cash only.

  • Mini-Bus

The Mini-Buses are small buses that specialized in the short distance compared to the normal buses. They are cheaper than Dolmuş but they have almost the same features. The payment is generally with cash only, and they work between 05.00 mornings till 22.00 evening as max.

Now before we continue, we must learn about the Istanbul’s Transportation card known as “Istanbulkart” or “Akbil”. It’s a very helpful tool that can be used to pay in almost all the Istanbul’s Transportation.except in what we mentioned early. The price of the card is around 1 Dollar and some. To buy and full the card you have two choices! 1st You can do it from the shops that have Signboard of “Istanbul card”. 2nd you can simply use one of machines spread everywhere near the main stations to full your card easily. Also there are some special cards with discounts called the “Mavi card” like the student card,.Special Needs Card, Old people card etc.

Now let continue from where we stopped!

  • Bus

The Buses in Istanbul are so luxury and comfortable, they contain wifi, air-conditioner and surveillance cameras for safety etc. The buses networks belongs to Istanbul Municipality, they have a huge fleet and lines that cover every inch of city. Even so, the buses may stuck and get late in the Congestion especially during traffic peak times. So you should take that in your consideration and avoid using them during traffic peak times. Otherwise they are a good way to move inside the city. The movement of some lines can start at 05.00 mornings and may finish till 04.00 mornings from next day! So nothing to worry about if you land in the airport night late or morning early,.because you’ll find always transportation there waiting for you. The payment in the Buses is only with “IstanbulKart” so be sure to buy one before you ride. The fees of one ride may change depends on trip-line and distance but generally it don’t surpass 3TL as max.

  • Metro-Bus

This one is very popular and used so much in Istanbul by everyone. It’s a double and wide bus (two buses connected together like a small train) that can afford till 200 riders. The main feature of this transportation is that has an independent line band that goes on it. Which means that it don’t affected by the traffic congestion at all, that why it’s so popular because it’s fast. Like the bus, the payment can be only possible with “IstanbulKart”. Also, it’s worthy to note that Metro-Bus work 24/24 all the week. In daytime there is a Metro-Bus every 2min, while in night time there maybe 1 or 2 Metro-Bus every hour.

  • Metro/Subway

Another important transportation in Istanbul, which is a fast train underground that link lot of important city spots together. It’s Cheap as much as the Buses and Metro-Buses, but fastest than them all. There are 6 main lines spread between the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul. The main feature of this one is the speed and the transport capacity that can achieve 1300 passengers! Recently the Turkish government creates a new-line, something like a mixture of train and subway that cross the Bosporus underwater. The line known as “Marmay” and it’s the only transportation that link the two Continents underwater. The payment as always with “IstanbulKart” and it work 24/24 during all the week.

  • Tramway

It’s a traditional transportation that existed everywhere in the world not just in Istanbul. It has an independent way from the normal traffic, relatively slow and cheaper than all other transportations. However it can be a good choice during the traffic peak times. Also, because it pass from the important and popular places of Istanbul, it can be enjoyable. Finally, as usually the payment must be with “IstanbulKart”.

  • Steamer

The most enjoyable and funniest transportation, the ride experience is amazing. There is a big fleet between the private ships and Istanbul Municipality ships. They are a very good way to cross the Bosporus while enjoying the views and breathing the fresh air. Istanbul visitors always keen to try it out, so as you should too, because it’s really a unique experience. As usually you need to have an “IstanbulKart” to ride, the fees are not a big deal (around 2TL per ride).


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