Top 10 Istanbul Spots

Top 10 Istanbul Spots

Istanbul is world’s vibrant heart. This city is considered one of the biggest, the busiest and one of the most beautiful cities of the world. It won’t be an exaggeration if I said that everyone dream to visit it at least once in their lives. However Istanbul is plenty with things and places to visit and explore! That so, you may be confused about the best spots to check out, especially if you don’t have much time. But nothing to worry about anymore! Because in this article we prepared for you top 10 Istanbul spots you must visit.

  • Bosphorus

Istanbul is a very huge and sprawling city, divided by the great Bosporus crossing on Anatolian side and European side. So to witness the size and greatness of Istanbul, a ferry trip inside the Bosporus crossing is your best choice. The ticket fees are so cheap, and the trip duration may vary from one hour and half to 3 hours. From the Steamboat you can see lot of city landmarks “Dolmabahçe” palace and “Rumeli Hisarı” castle etc. Also it’s worthy to mention that the Steamboat passes under the three huge Bosporus bridges! Well you won’t be able to feel how big and great they are until you see them from there. A bonus tip, try to ride the Steamboat at sunset; the view is magical at that time.

  • Fatih area

This area is like a gold mine of monuments because here you can find the most famous landmarks of Istanbul. I’m talking about landmarks like the great Blue Mosque, the beautiful Hagia Sofia, the hippodrome, the GrandBazaar, Süleymaniye Mosque etc. The famous Eminonu-port is there too, I may need another article to describe how-much monuments and spots are here. And you may need a week or something just to explore this district! And believe me, it worth!

  • Ortaköy district

Another amazing spot that contains lot of things to discover such as the famous Otraköy Mosque, and Ortaköy Cornice… The highlight of this place is that it combines modernity and originality with everything you see around you. So be sure to check it out as well!

  • Çamlıca hill

It’s a high spot located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul in the Üsküdar district. The importance of the place due to its amazing location! From there only you can enjoy the views of all Istanbul with its both sides the Anatolian and European. Everything including the Bosporus and its bridges can be seen, all in one magical unbelievable panorama. Up there you can find lot of nice cafes and restaurants where you can sit and just observe the horizon.

  • Galata Tower

One of the important symbols of the city, it’s a cylindrical tower with a length of 66m built of stone. Its history is so old, that back to the Romanian era! It was built as a surveillance tower to the Golden Horn entrance. Today the tower became a worldwide museum; on the top there is a romantic cafe can watch all Istanbul.

  • Kadiköy

This place is like the LasVegas of Istanbul, yes exactly as you heard. Here you can find every kind of entertainment that you may look for. The cafes, the restaurants, the bars and the night clubs are spreading everywhere. Also there is an amazing spot there called MODA where the watch of sea view at the sunset is incomparable. Also there is the cornice and some Malls here and there that contain worldwide brands where you can shop. So be sure to hangout in Kadiköy before you live Istanbul.

  • Topkapı Palace

The Topkapı Palace is one of the huge and beautiful castles from the Ottoman era! that served the empire as the administrative center for centuries. Today this landmark became an amazing museum that containing lot of unique Muslims and Turkish national heritage. The place opens its doors everyday from 9h to 17h. The entrance fees are acceptable but the experience is unforgettable, so don’t forget to check it out!

  • Taksim

Taksim is the word that you can see and hear almost every time while talking or searching about Istanbul. Taksim area is maybe the most famous spot of Istanbul and the most crowded with Turks and foreigners as well. Here you can find the “istiklal” street that contains everything from clothes shops to the best cafes, bars and restaurants.

  • Hagia Sophia

Who doesn’t hear that name before? The Hagia Sofia is not only one of the important Turkish landmarks but it’s also considered a world heritage. The history, the contradictions, the spiritual and the beauty are all significations to Hagia Sofia! The uniqueness of this monument due to it oldness and to what it represents for both Muslims and Christians. That so, it was the biggest Church in the old history then it became the biggest Mosque in Turkey.during the beginning of the Ottoman era. And so, today it became a museum that contains important heritages for the both religions. So be sure to buy your ticket and to go in to explore the greatness and the beauty.

  • Princes’ Islands

The Princes’ Islands are located in Marmara’s Sea south-east from Kadiköy. There are 4 Islands, 2 are small, 1 middle size and the 4th one is the biggest. If I’m willing to describe them with one word, I’d say they are God’s HEAVEN on earth. We highly recommend you to visit them while you have the chance! The steamboats generally take off to the Princes’ Islands everyday from Kabataş port, the tickets are not that expensive at all. So take advantage and enjoy both of the trip and the destination.


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