Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus

Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus

The luxury, the hospitality, the beauty and the comfort are all existed in one place, in the amazing “Four-Seasons Hotel”. And wait a minute, we’re not talking about any Hotel from the Four-Seasons chain, we’re specifying the one at Istanbul. So let us introduce you the legendary Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosporus where you can spend an unforgettable holiday.

About Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus is one of the 5 stars hotels chain of the famous company Four-Seasons. The company is a prominent name in the field of resorts and hotels! That so they are a famous Entrepreneur in the hospitality services. The hotel we’re talking about today was an Ottoman palace before that it has been restored in 19th century. It’s located in one of the oldest areas of Istanbul’s European side, on the edge of the beautiful Bosporus. The Marmara Sea water and the Bosporus crossing water are surrounding the place in an amazing panoramic view. The famous principal landmarks and tourist attractions are inside 2km range from the hotel that can be visited on foots.

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus from inside

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus contains 65 luxurious rooms plus 11 incredible suites. Everything in the building has been designed with a unique architecture. The full amenities have been provided for the rooms. All bathrooms are made of marble and are designed in a very luxurious and elegant layout. The hotel contains a range of indoor and outdoor pools as well as wellness facilities, fitness center, spa and sauna. Moreover the place includes a wonderful garden, sun terrace, kid’s club, salon of beauty and gift shops.

Features of the Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus features are many; we will review the most notable ones. Before all, the luxurious of staying in the hotel gives its visitors an unparalleled sense of luxury! So in addition to some unique services, the few days of residence became an interesting experience.

The readiness of rooms:

The rooms are prepared with high quality furniture that provides a supreme comfort for the residents. So they include a large plasma TV, MP3 player, DVD and CD player. Also, they’re providing in each room wiry and wirelessly internet service so you can monitor your capital and works easily. Finally, the hotel is prepared with different special rooms and services suit everyone! Like families needs and their children, businessman, People with special needs, non-smokers and more.

Rooms service:

One of the best features of Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus is that they offered 24h of room service. This means that you can for example order food to your room anytime you want. The same thing for cleaning or technical services, all are ready to respond your needs anytime you want.

Children needs:

Children under 18 can be accommodated free of charge in their parents’ room with a rollaway bed available upon request. Also they have a Babysitting services that can be arranged anytime you need.

Free services for all:

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus provides some services and facilities that you can access every time for free. Those services include housekeeping twice a day, fitness center, international newspapers and TV stations. Moreover you can access to the gathering near the Hotel for free too!

The excellent location:

The Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus lies in the center of the city between two continents. The views that every single room got is exceptional! This allows you to enjoy the Golden Horn beauty, the panorama of Bosporus crossing and the Marmara Sea. Also it’s worthy to note that the most famous landmarks of Istanbul are just few minutes away the hotel. So you won’t have to worry about that.

-The restaurant of Four-Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Bosporus

The hotel contains one Italic restaurant called “AQUA”, it’s so famous as a gentle and high-class restaurant in the city. They serve in there a various Italian dishes that suit all tastes. Also the restaurant offers an impressive array of local pancakes, natural juices, and sweets.

It’s worthy to note too that the hotel has a bar serving varied drinks and snacks that you can enjoy during the day.


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