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Hello Dear Guest ,
Welcome to our shopping İstanbul tour program
Nowadays , many people are fond of shopping,if you think that you are one of these shopping lovers , you may need a professional assistance to help you to find the right places that matching to your interests. in this Istanbul shopping tour program our aim to share our experiences with our guests. About the shopping for foreigners in easy and reliable way in Istanbul city . We searched many shopping stores , and eleminated many of them and at the end of our researchs we had a few stores left . We began to search with two kind of questions In our heads.
What the Tourists want to shop from İstanbul ?
How can we make them to feel %100
satisfied at the end of their shopping day ?
Let us to explain What the tourists buy mostly in İstanbul and how we can make your shopping in the best way ?

  1. Carpet & Rugs & Kilim
  2. Tiles & Potteries
  3. Leather jacket, fur & Leather Bags
  4. Turkish Spices

As we know the geopolitical location of Istanbul is unique . Since it is located in between two continents , it was always a trade and bussiness center in the past and is today. All the products that came from far east by the Silk Road had to pass through this centeral city before they arrived to european countries.

Vikings , Venetians , Greeks, Jews, Romans and of-course the Turks and many other nations run many bussiness here. Today the city is one of the most crowded cities in Europe and we have tons of thousands of shopping center. Some of them are very old bazaars, and some of them are very modern shopping malls. Since our government recently built the new istanbul airport, and by the developed transportation system it is very easy to come to istanbul Just for a lunch or to make shopping.
For instance, the old bazaars are such as; Grand bazaar, Egyptian market etc. new shopping malls are such as; forum istanbul, Tepe Nautilus, or Cevahir shopping malls or Kanyon shopping center. These are just few of the well known shopping malls.

But there are some very old local stores still standing against to these big malls , with the quality of their products and the suitable prices for every budget , and of-course handmade craftsmanship.
İn our istanbul shopping tour program
our want is to bring together the local seller and the foreign buyer in the same place.


Hello dear guest,
Every year millions of tourists visit İstanbul. , Every visiter has different reasons for coming to this metropolitan city. Some of them are here just for holiday , some of them are for bussiness or just a short stop while they are going to the other countries. But we have some visiters who come just for Turkish Carpets and rugs too.
But why Turkish carpets are valuable ?
Well it requests a very long answer but let me answer you in a short way …
My answer is very simple The oldest , the best , and unique and very durable carpets in the world are made by Turkish ladies .it represents interior design of Turkish home and the stories of their life . They are all hand made , and take long time to weave them. Carpets especially from Anatolia Comes to Istanbul and meets with their new owners here . in Istanbul there are some very well organized local Carpet stores , which are mostly unknown by the tourist but the locals.

Please note that, we experienced many of carpet stores before. We will show you the right place, but we are not responsible for your purchasing, it is your taste it is your budget and it is your decision. We are here to help you for the most reliable local carpet store that we found in istanbul…


Hello dear Guest ,
we welcome you to our İznik Tile shopping tour program .
İznik is a town which is 2 hours away by a car. The region’s traditional tile history dates back to prehistoric times. But the art form blossomed by the Ottomans. In the late 15th century, craftsmen of Iznik mixed the clay used in ceramics with quartz. The innovative technique created an alive white base that made the four traditional colors found in Iznik pieces of turquoise, , malachite, coral–stand and cobalt out underneath a thick transparent glaze.
Tile , in turkish “ ÇİNİ “ ( Chini )
Seljuks used chini tiles in architecture as decorative elements in many buildings; this art was accepted by the Ottoman rulers as well. Ottoman empire developed the Style of the chini tiles and used to decorate the Palaces, Mosques , houses , fountains , kitchens etc. The designs were created in the “nakkaş hane” the art centre. So this Designs were used on tiles, pottery and all Ottoman handcrafts.
İn istanbul you can find amazingly beautiful İznik Tiles , in Blue Mosque , Rüstempasha mosque , or in Topkapı palace and of course in many other buildings…
On our Tile Shopping tour program we will take you to a store that you can find thousands of options .



  • We meet with our guests at their hotel lobby or at the entrance of Hagia Sophia
  • Tour starts at any suitible time for the guests , please call us to set a meeting time
  • Local Carpet store
  • We stay Together with our guests untill the end of the sales process
  • Please before you decided to purchase a carpet , try to learn the size that you need for your house .
  • After purchasing the carpet , if in any kind problem we dont take responsibility. As we mentioned before , it is your taste , your decision and your budget.
  • Reliable buying processes
  • Suitible price for all kind budgets
  • Top quality and totally handmade silk Carpets



  • ATTENTİON ! We meet with Our Guests at the entrance of Hagia Sophia Mosque
  • Tour starts at any suitible time for the guests. please call us to set the time for meeting
  • We take our guests to a local tile&pottery store
  • İf you have any kind of questions please do not hesitate asking
  • Professional tour guide
  • Lessons about how to creat a tile
  • Tour duration Depends on Guests buying process

İSTANBUL SHOPPING TOUR PRICE: (Payment After The Tour, in Cash)

  • 15 $ per person
  • Min 4 max 14 people
  • 20 $ per person
  • Min 2 max 14 people .


• Pressure less shopping
• Shopping unique quality pieces of many varieties of carpets, rugs and kilims , tiles , ceramic and potteries .
• No sales man here only partners in business even if you decide not to purchase anything from us you get to keep the memory of meeting wonderful people while you are learning the history of Turkish handmade products .
• Guarantee certificate that proves it is a real handmade Turkish Carpet and a real hand made Turkish pottery.
• Dont pay extra for shipping
• Door to door delivery system
• Credit card acceptable for puchasing in the stores .
• %100 Reliable shopping experience